Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Titlington white-out

We've scarcely been out of the house for three days, so sightings have been limited to our bird feeders.

We seem to be feeding the majority of the local Chaffinch flock, but our count includes regular Tree Sparrows, and an occasional House Sparrow. Blue, Great and Coal Tits are regulars as are our three or four Great Spotted Woodpeckers.

There's a regular pair of Collared Doves and Dunnock and Robin appear as singles, usually on the ground under the feeders.  The Blackbirds still seem to expend much unnecessary energy chasing each other rather than concentrating on feeding.  Siskin are present in small numbers and an occasional Greenfinch appears

Far more unusual for us have been the couple or so Starlings which don't normally visit the garden and yesterday we even had a Yellowhammer under the feeder.  Disappointingly there have been no Bramblings which in the past have occasionally appeared with snow.

Most of our local Pheasant have by now been shot, but as I write there's a single cock bird under the feeder.  Whether our regular Sparrowhawk hasn't been around or whether we've just failed to be looking at the right time I'm not sure.

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  1. We havent gone to work today richard, the roads to Ashington here are dreadful. Still, the garden birds provide a distraction!