Saturday, 21 October 2017

Bee Eaters and Buntings

After a week working I was looking forward to catching up with the Bee Eater which appeared at Druridge Pools through the week, after a bit of waiting and a walk up to East Chevington and back it finally appeared perched on a nearby fence, only leaving to grab a passing insect. After lunch we ended up at Low Newton where we along with a small but enthusiastic group caught up with a very smart looking Little Bunting. 

B is for Bee Eater and Bunting

After being unable to get down for the Bee Eater due to work I was looking forward to Saturday, would it be still there?. On arriving at Druridge Pools the signs weren't great, it had been seen but had flown North towards East Chevington so I headed off in that direction, it was very quiet only Stonechats and a large flock of Linnets so I headed back to Druridge, it was a good move as within minutes the bird had turned up and sparkled as it perched on a nearby fence, leaving only to feed on passing insects. Home for a spot of lunch then over to Low Newton for a very smart looking Little Bunting which was feeding amongst the upper branches of a tree near the Tin Church and was much appreciated by all present.