Saturday, 19 January 2013

Deep and crisp and even

Almost 12 inches of snow coated much of Branton Ponds today but the wildlife was still in evidence. The first sight was a pair of Kestrels mobbing something on the ground, this turned out to be a Stoat carrying a vole, the question is, whose meal was it in the first place? Further on a call from the reeds revealed a group of 4 Stonechats, a very unusual sight at Branton at this time of year.

A small open area of water revealed a mixed group of about 30 Teal and Wigeon plus 4 Goldeneye. On reaching the spot where water enters the East Pond from the West Pond movement alerted me to a male Kingfisher diving into the ice free water.The rest of the walk added Lesser Redpoll to the list and shows that even on a bad day nature will be always looking for ways to survive.    

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