Friday, 25 January 2013

Titlington Jottings

Thursday (24th) morning brought the first drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker of the season.  He didn't continue for long, but it takes your mind off the snow. Earlier that same morning there were at least two and probably three Tawny Owls calling loudly from the woodland beside the house

We keep seeing what we now regard as our resident Stoat in and near the garden.  We have a large old uprooted tree stump which has been gradually rotting away for the last dozen years.  A few days ago we realised that in front of it was a small pile of mammal bones - mostly rabbit - and we are quite sure that the stoat is using the stump as a winter shelter and bringing prey back to it.  Not in ermine unfortunately.

Then today (25th) I drove down Titlington Lane to Bolton.  Near the crossroads a Barn Owl got up from the hedgerow and leisurely drifted down the hedge top ahead of the car for at least a couple of hundred metres before moving off towards Bolton Mill.

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