Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lemmington Hall Siskins...

Definite influx of about 60 Siskins to Lemmington Hall area 5 miles west of Alnwick, Northumberland in the last three days; with a similar number of Goldfinch.  Seem to be travelling together.  I have re-caught some birds not seen since 2012 in Feb/March. 

Also two Yellowhammer (probably more local - but this species never seen here before under feeders!).  Weather too cold / wild at times to allow much ringing.

N.B. Most of the Siskins are adults not juveniles. This is not the usual situation, indicating that the birds have had a poor breeding season but a high proportion of adult birds have survived.  

Philip Hanmer; Natural History Soc of Northumbria Ringing Group.     

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