Monday, 14 January 2013

Fenham Flats

Part of the weekend was spent counting waders and wildfowl on the mudflat at Fenham.  There was generally a good mix of waders including a small party of ringed plover (close to the Fenham le Moor hide).  There were 318 pintail but only relatively small numbers of wigeon and light bellied brent.  Other highlights included a 1st year peregrine (probably same as Ian Davison's bird), a merlin, which killed a redshank, 2 short-eared owls (on Lindisfarne), small parties of twite and lesser redpoll. The male blackbird was still attacking cars at Fenham le Moor.  A brown hare was on the foreshore feeding on saltmarsh plants and common scurveygrass was obvious amongst the grass on the shoreline.

Elsewhere there were at least 42 whoopers with mute swans north of Fenham Mill.  A Bewick swan flew west with a whooper south of the Causeway.  There were at least 190 barnacle geese feeding on Ross.

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