Sunday, 31 March 2013

Possible White tailed Eagle...

Today at 11.20am our friends, Heather and Dave Steele saw what they believe to be a White tailed Eagle flying over Howick towards the quarry. They were alerted by the calls of Buzzards that were mobbing the bird overhead, and in size comparison they were dwarfed. The eagle circled the quarry a couple of times high up before disappearing off to the west.

Although Heather and Dave are not birders, they are reliable and have seen sea eagle before on the western isles. It may be worth keeping an eye skywards for the next day or two to see if it passes your area.

I came home at 12.00pm just in time to hear what I had missed!

This morning myself and JWR took a wander along the disused railway line near Overthwarts farm, Lemmington. It was very cold and wintry, but slowly and surely spring is filtering through. Many birds were in song including a pair of Crossbills, several Yellowhammers and Nuthatch. 4 male Lapwings were performing their tumbling display flight in the damp meadows.

Although no flowering plants were blooming, these two fungi were found on a fallen tree over the Edlingham burn -

Scarlet Elfcup

Southern Bracket I think?
Edlingham Burn

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