Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cormorants & Sparrowhawks

Just been around Branton Ponds this a.m. and saw a Cormorant that has been around the area for a while. It has the indications of a "sinensis " sub species with very white head & neck markings & green tinging to the plummage, however my reference book indicates best way to confirm is the angle of the gular pouch ! I'm afraid my binos wheren't up to the task, so if any body gets a better view please let me know.
Meanwhile, following last nights meeting, and Stewarts incisive info on Sparrowhawk eye colour, I was inspired to read my Poyser book on Sparrowhawks. It seems they hatch with dark eyes but have pale yellow ones by fledging. As they become adults they all darken, but males tend to be the darkest sometimes becoming wine red as the photo showed.

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