Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Nature - red in tooth and claw

Tuesday afternoon with the sun shining and the temperature pleasant, I had a steady stroll from Lesbury down to the Aln estuary mouth and returned on the other side of the river.

All seemed at peace - mini  high spots were those keystone cops of the shoreline, a group of Sanderlings on Alnmouth beach and I also enjoyed good views of half a dozen Goldeneye still well up river, as I returned.
The only small birds I was able to get anything on was a small flock of Lesser Redpoll,  but they were too flighty for me to be able to go searching for a Mealy!

Not two hundred yards from home, I noticed a statuesque bird stood on a small pile in the horse paddock, backing on to where I live.
My bins quickly told me that it was a female Sparrowhawk stood atop its prey - a Wood Pigeon

As I put my scope up to try and get a pic of events, the Sprawk hopped a few yards away but with the Woody very firmly embedded in its talons - no way was it leaving!

So I had an interesting ten minutes observing the eating habits of a bird of prey having its tea  - it was five o'clock!
 It quite put me off the Shepherd's Pie that was waiting for me at home!

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