Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Clash of the Titans

7.00 am saw us walking around Branton Ponds with the dog,the air was cold and crisp with a heavy layer of frost on the grass.We had just reached the north west corner when two Roe Deer came charging in to view,one chasing the other,we assumed a buck and a doe.We soon realised that it was two bucks involved in a territorial dispute,after running around they ended up about 50yards away from us.After squaring up to each other a full blown battle ensued,head to head the pushed against each other their muscles and sinews straining to gain the upper hand.Soon it was over as suddenly as it had started,the victor chasing it's rival out of the area,was this just a minor territorial dispute as our books show the Roe Deer rut takes place in august! who knows? it certainly beats watching Simon King on the t.v.  

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