Saturday, 16 March 2013

Out of our area

Yesterday was spent in the south west of the County.  A visit to a farm south of Ninebanks (West Allendale) produced a male black grouse outside the kitchen window!   As well as good numbers of upland waders displaying including lapwing (making scrapes), curlew and golden plover.

A farm survey near Lambley Castle produced evidence of black grouse, lots of brown hares (7+), good numbers of fieldfares (90) and redwing (20).  Leaves of common dog violet, betony, rough hawkbit and cat's ear were much in evidence along a dismantled railway. There were at least three tree sparrows around the farm buildings.

Back home in Glanton, I tried looking for the comet in the west after sunset but to no avail.  There was, however,  a good selection of birds either calling or singing.  Two song thrushes and a blackbird were in full voice as darkness fell.  They were joined by two male grey partridge calling from arable fields, and golden plover (at least 3) circling over the village.  Other birds of interest in the darkening, were a male mallard (rare in Glanton Parish), little owl (calling from the west side of the village) and finally at least two tawny owls were the last to be heard.  All these species from my bedroom window - I need to do this more often!

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  1. Hi George,so you are now twitching comets,we saw it last night from our garden,it was just above East Hill and to the northwest,nice to see that you had a Black Grouse