Thursday, 21 March 2013

21st March - It must be Spring

Well, not quite ! At Branton today the sky was grey and omminous while the muddy paths involved your feet travelling in all directions at the same time. But wait, Mute Swans were begining to build their floating nest. and while only a handful of Black Headed Gulls have returned to the nesting site a flock of 60 Oystercatcher were present ready to move to their various nest territories in the valley. Some residents were also evident, with a small group of Bullfinch and then the flash of bright blue and orange of a Kingfisher flying low over the water with it's distinctive outline. Further on tracks on the muddy path showed a Roe Deer had passed by, and then a Brown Hare bolted from grass nearby without the dog even realising. While typing this I can hear a weather forecast confirming I was wrong it is still winter !!!

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