Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mammals on the local patch

Since coming to live in Northumberland last July, my sightings of mammals has mainly been limited to Brown Hares and Roe Deer. Gradually by walking my patch, I have developed a sense of where I am likely to see the two without them hightailing off at my approach.
On Tuesday afternoon I set out to try to get pics of them both. I came across the Brown Hare first of all. While scanning a group of mole hills - one turned out to be lepus europaeus!
From the same vantage point, I then got sight of a buck Roe Deer in nearby stubble, with its antlers still in velvet. I was especially pleased that I was eventually able to leave the scene with both creatures still in situ.

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  1. Hi Mick, Do you mind my asking where you see the hares? I am trying to find some to photograph for my paintings and I'm gathering information on where I can find some.

    Best, Jina