Friday, 15 February 2013

The sun is shining - happy days!

Once a week time is spent trying to find light-bellied brent geese around Lindisfarne.  Today there were no geese at Beal but other birds included a stunning male peregrine perched on a post on the shore.  There were no geese at Fenham, Smeafield, Ross or Easington Demesne.  Finally I found about 90% of the brent that are left on the reserve one grass field next to the shore on Elwick.  There were approximately 1000 brent that were accompanied by 450 pink-footed geese and about 40 barnacle geese.  Surrounding fields held about 650 curlew most of which were feeding in stubbles.  According to the Birds of the Western Palearctic, there no reference of curlews using this habitat but it is a common occurance in and around Lindisfarne.

A large flock (250) greylag were feeding in Lilburn park on the way home.  Hopefully the sun will continue to shine.

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