Monday, 18 February 2013

Bittern-sweet Cresswell 18th February

Half term and a few spare hours in the morning for some unfinished business,a second visit to Cresswell Pond in two days to try and see the Bittern we missed by five minutes on Sunday.
Two hours and lots of birds later including Long Tailed Duck, Scaup and Goldeneye I decided
it was time to head off elsewhere,time for one last scan with the scope,there in the reeds something small ,black and shiny stood out from the background,this soon turned into an eye,then a long sharp
bill and finally the superb cryptic colouring of a Bittern.
It began to preen and I thought it can't get better than this but it did,slowly it came out into full view and proceeded to skulk back and forwards in the open for about ten minutes in the sunshine,it doesn't really get much better.  

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