Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The singing has started

Lighter mornings has meant that the start of the dawn chorus; robins, coal tits, song thrushes and house sparrows all have begun to sing in and around Glanton.

Clam conditions on Saturday produced a good mix of waders and ducks using Fenham Flats.  A small party of ringed plover still can be found close to the hide at Fenham le Moor.  This is unusual as it is normally May when these birds are found on this stretch of mud flat.  The calm conditions produced a count of 25 slavonian grebes, 4 long tailed ducks, a female common scoter and a young female scaupBarnacle geese were present at both Fenham and Ross with reasonable numbers (340) of pink footed geese.  A female peregrine and a little egret were located north of Fenham Hill.

Some of the early perennial plants are starting to throw their first leaves.  The most obvious species is the lesser celandine in permanent pastures.  The lime coloured leathery leaves of the common scurvey-grass is much in evidence in front of the hide at Fenham le Moor.

Away from the coast, the boys and I have had excellent views of barn owls between Chatton and Lilburn and a second bird in the Roseden area on Saturday evening.

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