Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Branton Ponds 19th February

Almost 95% ice cover gave the ideal opportunity for counting some of the water birds on the ponds.
The small areas of open water held the following-Mallard(48),Teal(45),Shelduck(5),Wigeon(56),Tufted Duck(37),Goldeneye(11),Goosander(3),Mute Swan(2).Coot(19),Moorhen(3),Snipe(4),Oystercatcher(24),Cormorant(3),Common Gull(5),Black Headed Gull(81).
Also of note 6 Redwing and a Stoat in full ermine with a pure white coat and only the black on the tip of it's tail showing,this is the only one we have seen this winter,has anyone else seen many?

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