Thursday, 14 February 2013

Beadnell to Newton 13 Feb

I've no idea really why I spent three hours in yesterday's blizzard walking from Beadnell to Newton and back - but I did.  The tide was well out so there was little visible on the shore and the driving snow didn't help.  Beadnell Bay had a few Bar-tailed Godwit as well as Oystercatchers and a solitary Ringed Plover.

The Long Nanny area failed to produce any coastal passerines, but there was a small group of Dunlin, a couple of Redshank and a solitary Red-breasted Merganser on the burn.  Then further towards Newton a flock of about 35 Golden Plover got up from the field and flew overhead across the dunes.  A solitary Kestrel was also patrolling the dunes.  As we stopped for sandwiches in the lee of a dune at Newton a Carrion Crow was around with an unusual white throat patch.

On the seafront at Beadnell there was a good patch of Winter Heliotrope (Petasites fragrans) in flower.  This is an uncommon species in Northumberland.  N.B. Not my photo!


  1. Lots of Winter Heliotrope in flower at Howick and Littlehoughton at the minute Richard....

  2. Ah well - my books say it's uncommon!

  3. Yes, its probably only found in a few locations...