Monday, 25 February 2013

Chattering classes...

This entry is an alternative to those where birds are seen and reported.  

Tuesday 19th Feb. started bright and sunny so went to Thrunton Woods, where I have seldom seen anything really exciting but the bad bird watcher is ever hopeful.  The sun disappeared behind a bank of cloud and the woods were silent.  However, a red squirrel rushed across the road to a thick conifer near the car park and a friend did see a stoat in ermine on his way home.

It is the flock of sparrows that seem to live in the thick hedges at the top of Stott Street that bring me joy each time I walk that way, which is daily.  As I approach I can hear them chattering away noisily.  Just what could they be telling each other?  They must then be aware of my steps, who knows, but suddenly all is quiet, not a cheep to be heard until I am well past when they all start up again.  There are four places in Prudhoe street where the sparrows congregate and an approach always has the same results.  I have to admit to teasing them very occasionally by walking past then trying to sneak up on them but I haven't caught them out yet.

Mora J Rolly, Alnwick. 

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