Monday, 29 July 2013

Sollas....29th July

Yesterday we located a dark sword grass on the outside of the cottage.  An evening walk produced a golden eagle, 1 otter, 7 red deer, 4 greenshank and a sparrowhawk.

Today's trip was out to Sollas dune system (about the size of Lindisfarne).  A wide range of species were seen an found including 2 quail, 3 corn buntings, 3 summer plumage great northern divers, a pair of red-throated divers, 1 whimbrel, 5 rock doves and a good passage of small waders such as dunlin and ringed plover.  There was a good selection of day flying moths and butterflies including archer's dart, two species of burnet moth and a red admiral.  The star plant was a stem of frog orchid.

Tonight there was a male hen harrier hunting along the hedge in the garden of the cottage - within 4m of the observers.   I will add some photos.

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