Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cheviot 18th july

This was my 3rd walk of the week with pupils from Wooler Middle School and today was not only hot but also up Cheviot, we all prayed for a cool breeze on the top.
As we set away from Langleeford the heat was intense but this didn't seem to effect the flowers, magnificent Heath Spotted Orchids mixed with Bog Asphodel,Common Cottongrass and Hares Tail Cottongrass. Higher up as we tramped up beside the burn, Whinchats called, a Dipper flew out from under a bank and a large family of Wrens exploded in front of us, one chick flew between my legs.
On reaching the fence which leads up to the ridge I came across a small patch of Dwarf Cornel in more or less the same place we had found it several years earlier, nice to know that it is still hanging on. The walk back over the summit of Cheviot was uneventful, enlivened by a lovely greenish coloured Common Lizard and quite a few unripe Cloudberries basking in the sunshine.

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