Monday, 29 July 2013

Slainsfield Moor

On Saturday night a few of us went up on the moor mothing, a trip arranged by Richard with Lord Joicey the land owner, as part of a general survey of the wildlife on this little visited piece of land.

We ended a short session from 9.30pm - midnight with 548 moths of 74 species. The warm humid overcast night plus an excellent light set up from Fiona and Maurice Aungier boosted the catch...

With that amount of light we couldnt fail.
We also ran 2x 125w MV Robinson traps not far away.

Included in a great selection of species were -

0728 Monochroa cytisella. 2 caught were the 2nd and 3rd records for Northumberland. 
1147 Willow Tortrix, the first in the county since 1994.

18x Antler Moths
65x True Lover's Knot
2x Ear Moth sp ( 4 sp impossible to separate by eye)
Dark Spinach
10x Purple Bar
The icing on the cake though was a fantastic Long eared Owl watched down to 10 yards for 5 mins sat infront of the car headlights on a gate post!

A fantastic night out...Thanks all.

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