Thursday, 30 May 2013

Spoonbills at Druridge Pools

I saw a report of Snow Geese of "unknown origin" at Cresswell Pond this morning:

As I've never seen a Snow Goose, wild or escaped, I thought I'd take a look:

 there was no sign of them by the time I arrived:

 I drove back to call in on Druridge Pools and was immediately recompensed by the sight of 2 Spoonbills, one of which was definitely in breeding plumage - they were both actively feeding and occasionally making each other's acquaintance!

Not far away 6 Black- tailed Godwits first slept, then briefly rose in the air, to confirm that they were Blackwits rather than Barwits!

Thank you Ian for chiding me back into blogging

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  1. Nice photo Mick,glad you saw the Spoonbills,the Black Tailed Godwits must have been a great bonus