Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Little upland gems

A walk up the Fallowlees Burn west of Fontburn Reservoir produced a range of interesting species.  The Fallowlees Burn is flanked by upland mixed deciduous woodland with ash and alder dominating.  Opposite leaved saxifrage and primroses were in full-flower and there was early evidence of both common and hare's-tail cotton-grassesCreeping willow was just coming into leaf.  Early and red-tailed bumblebee were on the wing searching out grey and goat willow flowers. 

There was a good selection of upland woodland birds with cuckoo (1), tree pipit (4-5 males), redstarts (10+ males calling), lesser redpoll, and treecreeper.  The star bird was a singing pied flycatcher - it took a while to find but the search was worth it for the views.  Several paries of roe deer were located close to Harwood Forest and a very obliging red squirrel was searching fo last year's hazel nuts.

Very little was seen on Fontburn Reservoir with the exception of 2 cormorants, 3 Canada geese, numerous hirundines and a yellow wagtail - rare for this part of Northumberland.

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