Monday, 20 May 2013

Cuckoo's galore

I was hoping for sunshine on Sunday to accompany me on my bird survey of Black Lough.  The visability was not too bad at Glanton but as I parked up the mist / fog came down on the crags - this was not going to be easy or should I cancel.  I decided to persevere and I am glad I did.  There were at least three male whinchat in song, two pairs of stonechats, displaying snipe and a common sandpiper (I think diorientated with the fog)

The star bird of the morning were the cuckoos.  One male was calling vociferiously throughout the survey.  A second male was calling in the area around the Black Lough with a third male on the edge of the plantation to the west of the site.  I managed to call in one of the birds, who kept flying over my head inspecting me.  The mimicing also managed to attract a female.  All in all four cuckoos in the Black Lough area.  A further bird was heard in the Debden area.

Later in the afternoon, a quick walk around Branton Ponds produced 3 common sandpipers, 1 redshank, 1 ringed plover, 1 great crested grebe and very good views of garden warblers.  The cowslips are in full-flower and well worth a look.  A leech sp was also found in the area of the outfall.

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