Friday, 30 November 2012

White Beauties 30th November

On a crisp,frosty winters day nothing is more evocative of this time of year than truly wild swans.This was the case today at Branton Ponds,an early morning walk with the dog turned up large numbers of Tufted Duck,Teal ,Wigeon and a couple of stunning male Goldeneye.As we neared the village a distinctive honking call could be heard in the sky above us,and there flying southwest were 6 Bewick Swans,with their shorter necks and more goose like appearance.What a great start to the day which was ended by a fly over of 5 Whooper Swans,a real taste of wilderness.  

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  1. Brilliant! Bewicks are increasingly rare in Northumberland these days, its ages since I've seen one.