Saturday, 10 November 2012

Waxwing update

Numbers of Waxwings are increasing at Howick, mainly because there is still a few apples left on two trees in a garden. 100+ were present at 9am this morning. They departed at about 9.30am, and did not return until 3pm when 52+ came back. They seemed to roost nearby.

Can you see how many are in this shot? No prizes...

Also here 2 Crossbills were in the Pond Field Wood.

Waxwings reported today also from the entrance to Hulne Park (45) and Whittingham (75). Warkworth yesterday (10).


  1. I make it 12. Lovely birds, they sound as good as they look too

  2. Hoho, my trap has been sprung! Take a look and the very bottom right corner...there, in the shade is No 13!