Sunday, 4 November 2012

Titlington Mount walk

In the beautiful weather with no wind we walked out this early morning to the moorland above Kimmer Lough.  It is quite disappointing that there was almost no bird activity - one Meadow Pipit was all we could see.  Not even any corvids.

On the way back past a stand of mixed larch and spruce we had two Robins, two  Goldcrest, two male Bullfinch, one Wren and the usual annoying number of Woodpigeon clattering out of the trees.  The place is also awash at the moment with Pheasant which the local shoot has not yet started to decimate.


  1. Hi Richard, I passed 3 full white female Pheasants near Bolton this morning. At first I thought they were gulls, but when I got closer they were like Ptarmigan!

  2. Stewart, in 2010 the Titlington Mount shoot included ten white birds among their pheasant poults. The shoot members were to be fined £50 a time if they shot any of them. By the end of last winter there was still one cock bird around near us, but these birds at Bolton could be from that same batch if they were adults.