Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Yet more from late October

A walk on the moors at Titlington Mount today (30th) saw us put up two Woodcock and a Short-eared Owl that got up from right beside the track through the dead bracken.

One of the few plants still looking really healthy and still in good flower is Climbing Corydalis (Ceratopcapnos claviculata).  I can't make head or tail of the flowering pattern of this species - I've seen it in flower in every month of the year and some years in high summer when you might expect luxuriant growth it sometimes seems to be struggling.  But it's certainly looking good at the moment.

In the garden this morning two Stoats were so intent on chasing each other that they almost ran over Jane's boot.

Finally there's a good bracket fungus on the trunk of an Ash on Titlington Lane.  The photos show it a few weeks ago when it was at its best.  I'm fairly sure it is Shaggy Bracket (Inonotus hispidus) but if anyone can confirm or put me right on that I'd like to hear your ideas.

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