Thursday, 25 October 2012

Late October

Today (25th) a very dark-coloured Red Squirrel ran up the middle of Titlington Lane in front of the car.  From the size, probably this year's juvenile. Two Roe Deer narrowly avoided hitting the car in front of me by Broome Park as they chased each other across the road - two young bucks I think.

On the Titlington Mount bird tables the last week in particular has seen a big influx of Tits - particularly Blue and Coal.  Tree Sparrows have been present regularly in groups of up to seven at a time and today saw the first Brambling of the winter here.  Great Spotted Woodpeckers are very regular and we often have three or four at a time on the different feeders.

The two stubble fields have started to get their evening flocks of Greylags, but so far in nothing like the numbers of the past two autumns - but then the barley crops here this year were pathetic and there may be comparatively little spilled seed available.

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