Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sleeping Satellite...

These lovely clear cold days have certainly reduced moth catches at Howick. Only one in there the other day, but a nice one, the Satellite -

2256 Satellite, Howick ,07/10/12
Fresh individuals are found from now and can be caught right through until March if the weather is favourable. It also comes in a white spotted version ( below). Both are about equally common here. It is named from the two tiny dots either side of the large wing patch. Please click on the image for a larger view.

Another Satellite, a white spotted one this time.


  1. Beats me how these and other moths can get sufficient shelter to avoid freezing to death in our winters. Many plants can be shown to have their versions of anti-freeze in the cells. I wonder if the same is true of some insects.

  2. Yes Richard, I've seen Winter Moths flying in car headlights in -2 degrees, so they must have some form of anti-freeze in there...