Monday, 16 December 2013

Wildlife over the last few days

Last Thursday (12th Dec) was spent on a farm in the Angerton area.  Highlights include little egret (1), woodcock (1), marsh tit (2), willow tit (1+), grey wagtail (1), jay (2) and bullfinch (4+).  Tree sparrows, greenfinches and great tits were common on the bird feeders in front of the bird feeders.

There were 275 barnacle geese, and 300 golden plover in grass fields on Ross on the 13th December. Good flocks of linnets (150+) and goldfinches were found on Elwick on the same day.

Saturday (14th Dec) morning was spent on Fenham Flats carrying out the WeBs count.  Highlights were 12 ringed plover, good numbers of dunlin, redshank and bar-tailed godwit and grey plover as well as shelduck (850+) and eider (265).  There were 3 peregrines; 1 adult female hunting waders off Teal Hole, 1 male hunting waders off the Causeway and yet again a juvenile female trying to hunt shelduck off Elwick - this is the second time I have seen this bird trying to kill shelduck (the young female must be successful sometime!). There was a little egret at Fenham Mill as well as 20+ whooper swan with mutes in an oilseed rape field.

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