Friday, 27 December 2013

Boxing Day in Kielder

On Boxing Day we were in Kielder walking up the Lewis Burn.  It was cold and the path surfaces were frozen, but there was no hoar frost.  However in various places small dead wood branches showed this ice phenomenon.  Our daughter said that in Kielder it is known as Angel Hair, but googling that gets you only nonsense beauty product sites or references to vermicelli pasta.

Does anyone know what causes this particular extrusion of ice crystals?

The third photo was taken in the ruins of Low Long House where there is a range of memorial stones and mini-monuments.  I just wondered if I had missed George's demise?


  1. Hi Richard, I read recently ( or last winter even) about someone on Speyside discussing that type of frost. Its more common in the extreme temps up there apparently. Unfortunately I cant remember the details of how it was caused!


  2. We have seen this phenomenon both in the Highlands and the Cheviots, I seem to recollect it may have something to do with rapid freezing and thawing,but not sure, also when seen on fenceposts I believe it always points towards the prevailing wind, then again Icould have read this in a Christmas cracker

    1. Thanks Ian & Keith. You must have had some quality crackers.

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