Thursday, 29 August 2013

Two for the price of one!

Over the years, I have managed to see and/or hear a range of widlife from my office at Haugh Head, Wooler.  Highlights have included a ghost moth, zebra (jumping) spider, twite and even a house mouse that decided to take a rather large jump! That story is for another day.

Today, I found a new species in the office but on a very unlikely host. Whilst scanning a document, i noticed a house fly feeding on my desk.  Closer inspection revealed that it was carrying an unwanted guest - a tick.  You can see from the photograph that the tick is quite large (between the front legs) and appears to be attached just under the wing area.  This was something that I have not seen before.  hopefully it is of interest.


  1. I never knew that ticks could go on other insects...

  2. Neither did I. May be I will try to find out more.