Thursday, 22 August 2013

Insects all around

A lunch time walk on Weetwood Moor produced an array of insects.  Butterflies included 7 peacocks, 2 small heaths, 6 larg whites, 4 small whites, 2 wall browns and a small tortoiseshells.  There were also 4 black darter dragonflies (presumably from Cold Martin Lough), 4+ dor beetle (dung beetle with vivid metallic under-parts), several species of saw-fly and numerous winged insects.

I was wondering whether any one could shed light on something I saw today.  Several large white butterflies were flying 10 to 15 feet above the ground and flying quickly in a westerly direction.  Both the butterlfies were being persued by at least 8 large black flies which were keeping slightly underneath the flying butterfly.  i would have saif this was nothing of interest and yet it happened on two separate occassions.  The flies were similar to St Mark's flies and were 'hanging' out on the bracken and heather.  They did not appear to persue other species of butterfly.

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