Sunday, 11 August 2013

Late finish,early start

Saturday evening saw us at Howick village hall for a moth trapping session organised by Stewart Sexton, the evening went on till after midnight and was enjoyed by all, especially the wonderful cake and refreshments. A large number of moths were caught and a large crowd gathered for the unveiling the next morning and we weren't disappointed, we will leave that information to Stewart but we must thank him for all the effort he put into the evening.
After Howick we headed to East Chevington for a juvenile White Winged Black Tern, when we got there we learned it had flown out to sea at 8.30 am and hadn't been seen since. It did not re-appear but for consolation we were entertained by a female Otter and her two cubs as they played and hunted for food just in front of the hide, at one point the female caught and dispatched a large eel,as she held it in her mouth one of the youngsters tried to pull it off her, this just added to the charm of the sighting.

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