Sunday, 16 June 2013

Holy Island 16th june 2013

The day dawned warm and sunny, so inspired by our botanical outing with Richard on Saturday we decided to see what we could find on Holy Island. The most obvious thing was the whole Island was covered with Northern Marsh Orchids.
                                                    Northern Marsh Orchid
There was also quite extensive patches of Common Cotton Grass, in the dunes themselves yet more Nortthern Marsh Orchids along with Common Spotted Orchid and Scarlet Pimpernel.
The next area to check was around the old quarry at Snipe Point, here we found more Orchids along with Birds Foot Trefoil and Purple Milk Vetch.

                                           Purple Milk Vetch
Birds and Insects were in short supply but we did find a small group of 7 breeding plumaged Sanderling in Sandon Bay and  couple of Wall Brown Butterflies plus a number of Cinnabar Moths

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