Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dodging the showers

Today was the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBs) throughout the UK.  This takes place every month on stretches of the coast, estuaries lakes and ponds.  My stretch is on Lindisfarne between Teal Hole (south of Fenham le Moor) and the Cages (north of Fenham Mill).  June is normally a quiet month for ducks, geese and waders.  Below are the highlights of this month; 1 light bellied brent goose, 45 shelduck, 8 mallard, 2 cormorant, 1 grey heron, 48 oystercatchers, 14 grey plover, 28 knot, 243 curlew, 4 redshank and 155 moulting eiders as well as 31 duckling - this was a good count.

Other species include singing sedge warblers, tree sparrows, linnets, arctic and sandwich terns as well as a sand martin (unusual).  Glasswort had started to emerge and thrift was in flower.

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