Friday, 23 October 2015

Waxcaps off the Wall

At the risk of suddenly becoming a fungal bore I had a look on my home patch for more waxcaps last weekend.

Stewart had kindly suggested that if I'd had some of the magic mushrooms I might have found Parrot Waxcap.  Well on the moor at Shepherd's Law Jane and I did find some (without narcotic assistance!), as well as some other things.

Now I'll shut up about fungi for another year - probably

Parrot Waxcap
Parrot again
Meadow Coral

Honey Waxcap

Tomatoes?? or young Fly Agarics
Blackening Waxcap
Meadow Waxcap


  1. Lovely Richard, I must get out and look for some. Maybe tomorrow....

  2. Keep the fungi coming. There's plenty around and now is there time. Plus i haven't got a clue what i'm looking at when i find it and some of your iding helps.