Friday, 20 March 2015

Titlington Mount Eclipse

Armed with pinhole camera (well, a piece of paper with a pinhole in it), Jane and I started watching the eclipse at 8.55am.  The pinhole images are fine but very small, so as the clock reached 9.30 we thought we were going to lose the finale as a large cloud moved in front of the sun.

In practice that was a vast bonus because the sun was behind only the fringes of the cloud and it meant we could look directly at it and get the images below at the maximum 97% eclipse coverage at 9.35.  The range of colours in the upper edge of the cloud were better in reality than the second photo shows

The other two images of our garden were taken at 8.55 and 9.35 and they show the significant change in the quality of the light.

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  1. Cracking pics Richard, I managed one reasonable one plus a few by projecting the sun through my reversed binoculars on to our back door!