Friday, 27 March 2015


Inspired by Shaun Hackett's talk I took a close look at the bees on our garden heathers in the sunshine this morning.  My first two sightings were White-tailed and Buff-tailed.

Then I spotted a bee that I'd never knowingly seen before, but I remembered Shaun's slide and realised this was a Tree Bumblebee.  Sadly by the time I'd dashed in for the camera it had disappeared so I can't show a photo to prove it, but it had an un-banded orangey-yellow thorax and a white tail and was unmistakable.

Finally, I'd almost given up on the bumblebees when a smaller bee came into view.  My photo is not the best, but I'm pretty certain this was an Early Bumblebee.

Also on the heathers were a number of small bees, all the same species as far as I could tell.  My first thought was that they were honeybees, but I'm not so sure.  They may well be a species of solitary bee - too big for Colletes spp. - but I'd appreciate any suggested identification, even if it is honeybee.

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  1. Hi Richard, I would have really liked that talk but something cropped up. I'm no expert but your small bees look like Honey Bees? Tree Bumble is a new coloniser up here. Last yearw as the first year they were regular all summer in the garden here. I have previously taken it twice in the moth trap overnight!