Sunday, 15 February 2015

Winter birding at Ford Moss

Below is a copy of a 'report' by Colin Platt on the Tuesday Group's survey of Ford Moss in early February.  It is brought to this blog courtesy of Mora Rolley.

All it proves is that several of the AWG members were out in the snow doing a Ford Moss winter count.


Hi Guys, what a great day as usual.

Who cares if the sun doesn’t always shine.

2 x photos attached depicting just how much we were enjoying ourselves and I’ve labelled Mora with the strapline ‘I take full responsibility’!! – I’m glad somebody did.

The highlight of the day wasn’t Tom moving from vertical to horizontal – all solved thanks to Ian and the loan of his ‘crippers’ – don’t let it be said that Tom finally got to grips with the difficult terrain! Back to the highlight which is summarised below in order of activity:

1.       Ian goes for a pee-break
2.       The group proceeds across the half-frozen snowy bog
3.       Winnie almost steps on one of our feathered friends
4.       Up and off it flew like a rocket
5.       I shout Snipe
6.       Ian shouts (mid-pee) – ‘it’s a little small’
7.       All agree it was a WoodCock !
8.       Group re-gathered and off we went – next on the list were a male & female Goldcrest.

What will next week bring!

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