Monday, 16 February 2015

Northumberland's birds ........

There were a number of highlights last week.  These included 1500 pink-footed geese at Doddington next to the Berwick Road and over 2700 geese in the Smeafield / Elwick area.  This mixed flock comprised of pink-footed geese, barnacles, light-bellied and dark-bellied brents.

I also had the fortune to be able to visit a moorland site in the county through work.  Unfortunately, due to the sensitivity of the species found I cannot publish the name of the site.  The visited started with flushing a woodcock.  A raptor appeared being harried by carrion crows - this proved to be a female hen harrier.  This bird flew off to the west.  Two more female hen harriers were then discovered interacting with each other.  A male peregrine was discovered followed by a sparrowhawk, two buzzards and two kestrels.  Two short-eared owls were then flushed accidentally. Both birds flew a short distance before giving excellent views.  Other species of interest included twite, numerous wrens and three roe deer.

Has anyone heard tawny owls calling through the day recently?


  1. Haven't had any through day around Branton but did hear one on Saturday lunchtime at Harwood Forest

  2. I occasionally hear day time calling Tawnies at Howick but not this year so far....

  3. I've got day time calling Tawny's at the moment over here in Lancashire George.