Friday, 2 January 2015

Shades of white and grey

On a very blustery day we headed off to North Shields Fish Quay where several birders were gathered on the quay beside the Trawlers, our gaze was directed towards the roof where a juvenile Glaucous Gull was lounging, instantly recognised by it's pale pink bill with a black tip which looked as if it had been dipped in ink. Further along was what looked like a second bird but this turned out to be a Glaucous/ Herring Gull hybrid, we didn't have to wait long when a second star made it's entrance in the form of a sleek, ghostly looking Iceland Gull, yet again a juvenile.
Our next port of call was Wesr Hartford where after 20 minutes standing in a very cold wind we were rewarded with a distant view of the Great Grey Shrike. After a while it disappeared, a small group of us stood and chatted about birds in general .when someone said it's heading in our direction, sure enough the distinctive shape of the Shrike got closer and closer until finally it landed in the tree above our heads. What views we had before it flew off and continued it's circuit, the only downer was that of the six people standing there no one had a camera. 

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