Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A brief encounter

When it comes to secrecy Otters must come near the top, and finding them at Branton Ponds is a real joy. About 5 days ago Keith had the dog out and was walking past an area of Bullrushes when he heard a splash follow by the unmistakable head of an Otter some 30 yards away. We thought this would be a one-off , not so, yesterday in the same area we were rewarded by a second sighting as it hunted the various bays around the lake. Then today would you believe it but there it was again, swimming about in a purposeful manner, suddenly diving and resurfacing somewhere else, harder to spot due to the wind and the waves, but we find that after many years wandering around the ponds observing the wildlife you can often tell when a predator is about as many of the birds are on high alert. As a final note Keith was around the ponds tonight and noticed a dead fish floating on the water, he came back home to get something to retrieve it to see what had killed it only to find it had gone by the time he got back.

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