Monday, 17 March 2014


Two sightings this weekend at Titlington Mount that say something about this strange winter.  Bumblebee queens are plentiful here, most years, but honeybees have been very scarce.  So it was good on Thursday last week to see a sizable group of Honeybees on our winter-flowering heathers.

Then yesterday the shepherd said he'd seen a couple of small birds around the steading that he didn't recognise.  We couldn't find anything unusual, but today there they were - a male/female pair of Snow Buntings.  We've never seen snow buntings here before and we're a good 15 miles from the coast.  Perhaps it's an omen for some late March snow.


  1. Hi Richard, I had one at Kimmer Lough last winter, flying over....

    1. A very confiding pair. They let me get quite close, but since I didn't have a camera with me ..... We've seen them in summer in Iceland behaving like House Sparrows around picnic tables and raiding rubbish bins.