Thursday, 13 March 2014

Evening stroll

It was such a pleasant evening yesterday (12th March) that I decided to have a walk through Glanton parish at dusk.  This produced a number of rewards.  There were at least 3 tawny owls (two males) calling to the south of the village.  The little owl was calling in the same area.  A woodcock flew out of the woodland at Glanton Pyke and three golden plover were moving north west calling.  Lapwing continue to display in rigg and furrow fields just outside the parish and these were joined by a territory calling curlew.  Two male grey partridge were having a battle-royale in terms of volume as screeches became higher and higher before they started fighting.

There was also activity on the bat front.  One bat appeared from the Old School House and then proceeded to fly quite high towards Whittingham.  This bat was definitely not using any flight lines!  There were two pipistrelle types were feeding along the road between Glanton Pyke and the village. Both seemed to be concentrating their feeding under the canopy of an ash tree which had ivy growing up the main trunk.  There were no obvious insects on the wing but their foraging strategy was intense!

Not bad for 45 mins walk in the dark!

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