Saturday, 28 September 2013

You can only grin.......

Thursday was spent in the College Valley.  There was a small movement of meadow pipits and swallows but there were few other birds with the exception of a pack of 20 red grouse, 3 ravens, 1 kestrel and two very noisy peregrines.  We had just finished our lunch and there was a loud chatter high in the sky.  This turned out to be a juvenile peregrine harassing an adult expecting to get fed.  This reminded me of my children when they want some money!  The adult kept climbing and left the scene - a good move.

There were good numbers of dor beetles especially where the sward was short.  I also decided to look at some lichens - one rock had at least 6 species (no species were determined).  In a recently burnt area hare's tail cotton-grass had started to flower again!  I had not realised that the 'flower' spike is held in a little sac at the base of the stem - it looked like a cacoon of a moth or butterfly

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