Saturday, 13 April 2013

AWG Field Work

I don't whether I should strictly use our Blog to publicise future events, but I'll risk it and people can tell me I'm out of order if necessary!

The April Newsletter will carry the following item, but since many of our keener members either contribute to the Blog or at least read it it seems a good idea to give you advance notice:


Branton Ponds A day is being arranged for interested members to spend several hours at Branton Ponds to concentrate mainly on plants. There is plenty there of interest for those with some botanical expertise, but we hope to make this a ‘training’ session for those who would like to get better at identifying plants.
This is planned for Sunday 23rd June. If the weather looks as though it will be foul I’ve pencilled in a reserve date of Sunday 30th June. We will aim to meet at Branton at 10.30am and the day will last as long as people remain interested. Plan to bring a packed lunch. Further details in the May Newsletter.

Slainsfield Moor AWG has agreed with Lord James Joicey to carry out a survey of this rather nice moorland site. We hope to cover birds, plants, butterflies, possibly moths (if Stewart Sexton can organise his trapping gear) and possibly mammals (if we can get Don Griss to come with his small mammal traps as he did for us at Ford Moss), reptiles and amphibia (if we can involve Stephen Block from Berwick) and potentially anything else that we feel we can reasonably cover.
Two dates are suggested: Saturday 15th June and Sunday 11th August. Again, check the May Newsletter for further details.


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  1. Hi Richard I'm hoping the weather might change the Branton date to the 30th, as we are away on holiday on 23rd!

    As for the Slainsfiled one I can attend the 15th June but the moth trapping will need to wait until 11th August, due to the above holiday preparations...maybe we can net some day flying micros on 15th if the weather is ok...