Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Tern up for the books

A quiet evening walk around the ponds at Branton with the dog was changed instantly when I noticed a Tern flying around the east pond hawking for insects.As stupidly I was bin-less I rushed home with the dog and came back suitably equiped.Fortunately the bird was still there,from the light bouncy flight ,limited black on primaries,short blood red bill and long tail streamers,I realised it was an Arctic Tern,a first for the ponds and a long way inland.I stood there with Hugh Tindle for about 30 minutes as it flew about sometimes chased by Black Headed Gulls,I realised the extremes of birding,two weeks ago the ponds produced a real winter visitor in Iceland Gull and this week a real summer visitor in Arctic Tern.

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